KAIZEN Required Field

This plug-in specifies the required fields based on the input status of the related field.

This plug-in is recommended for the cases when you wanna set the field required only if the certain field is filled.

Just select the fields for judgement and mandatory

If field A has been entered and you want to make field B as required field, set field A to “required judgment field” and field B to “required field” in config setting.

※ It does not support subtable fields.

Make the required specification in the input status of the judgment field.

If there is and input in the judgment field when saving the record, it will be automatically judged whether there is any omission in the “required fields” set in the plug-in, and the record cannot be saved if they are not filled in.


– Internet Edge Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Safari Latest Version
Not support mobile environment(Android/iOS)


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