KAIZEN List View Fixed Display
List View Fixed Display Plug-in

It is a plug-in that fixedly displays up to the specified column on the Kintone list page.

When there are many items on the list view, you can fix any column like Excel to make it easier to check the contents of the record.

It is easy to see which record item you have without scrolling to the far left.

Easy to set up just by adding a plugin!

After adding the plugin to the app you want to use, just enter the authentication URL to complete the setting.

Select the item you want to fix on the list view.

A drop-down for setting items is displayed on the list screen.

Select the item you want to fix and move the cursor horizontally to move from the selected item.

* The sample image is fixed in the “Date” field.


– Internet Edge Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Safari Latest Version
Not support mobile environment(Android/iOS)


Free plugin