Cart function plug-in

This plug-in implements cart function into kintone.

It enables to select products from the registered products in master app and create a record, just like and EC site.

It can be applied not only to product sales management but also to internal stock management.

It features intuitive and user-friendly usability, such as being able to narrow down the choice by product category.

Product information can be registered in detail!

It prevents human error by allowing the user to check detailed information for each product when selecting. 

The item detailed information can be set arbitrarily according to the type of business.

Check & Edit items in the cart anytime!

The selected items can be checked and edited anytime before confirming to save a record.

Create records without the hassle of moving between apps

The products selected in the cart are saved in sub-table field on the specified app.

Eliminates the hassle of lookup products one by one or changing app to check product information.


To be updated



– Internet Edge Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Safari Latest Version
Not support mobile environment(Android/iOS)


To be updated


Initial feee $0

Monthly $60(AUD) Yearly $720(AUD)